Full Feature List for TopoGX

  • Single button conversion - total automation
  • Numeric text items are converted to Z levels.
  • The X,Y point for each Z level is intelligently determined.
  • The X,Y point may be assigned to a cross, block insert or line end.
  • 2D arcs are converted to curved 3D polylines.
  • Z levels are assigned to line and polyline features wherever appropriate.
  • Automatic detection of block inserts which are suitable for level assignment.
  • Automatic reasonable level range creation will filter out incorrect levels.
  • Automatic level interpolation along polylines where levels may be missing.
  • The 3D lines and polylines are used as constraints for the surface triangulation.
  • Can handle huge datasets - 100,000's of points is no problem.
  • Very fast - 5 seconds is a typical complete conversion time on an average modern PC.

  • Easy navigation of DXF in PLAN with several tools to Zoom, Pan, Window and Centre your drawing.
  • 3D Height Colouring shades your converted DXF Surface according to level.
  • Colour shading enables quick and easy site appraisal.

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